FL&B partnered with Beddy's to promote their zipper bedding. We were tasked with visualizing several different Beddy's bedding and pillow combinations and how they would look on the FL&B bunk and loft beds. In total, we produced over 40 interior renderings that included 7 different bedding styles.
Process: Our goal was to visualize the Beddy's fabrics as photo-realistically as possible. In order to do this, we used a combination of physical samples as well as photo references provided to us by Beddy's  to accurately recreate the fabrics through CGI. Additional fabrics for the throw and pillows were also created as accents. Highly detailed models of the  zipper bedding and pillows were also created using photo references.
Aiden - Photo References & Inspiration
Ashton - Photo References & Inspiration
Blair - Photo References & Inspiration
Franklin - Photo References & Inspiration
Jameson - Photo References & Inspiration
London - Photo References & Inspiration
We created each fabric based on physical samples in 4K resolution. Below are a few of the samples that we produced.
Clay Renders